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retail & wholesale kratom

Buy packages of kratom powder & kratom capsules. Products sold in 4oz, 1lb, 2lb & 44lb+ packages. $1-$5 of each purchase will go toward the increasing public access to kratom side effects. You can even have an expert shop for you! 

entertainment & kratom education

A place to learn about kratom & it’s side effects while also covering other topics such as: Crime, Moral Dilemmas, Guy Problems, Girl Issues, Motherhood, Fighting & More!

Re-leaf llc

In a pursuit to beat arthritis, Joe found kratom in 2017. Immediately, an entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to spread the news & sell the plant.

After months of adjusting his sourcing technique, Joe decided to quit his day job and convinced his wife Jazmine, that they should invest 75% of their savings into Joe’s idea. That was when Re-leaf LLC was born.

At first Re-leaf LLC sold only small packages. But now, 6+ years later, you can find their operations in a 4000 square foot building in Bangor, Maine. That is where they pump out packages via USPS. Bangor residents are offered contactless pick up, by appointment only.

Re-leaf LLC now expands into the fields of education, kratom safety, content creation, kava and of course, kratom.

A sluggish 2020 to 2022, saw the pandemic’s side effects really slowing down business operations. But, in 2023 Joe & Jaz shrugged off the those effects and found themselves with a fervent passion to honorably provide kratom. They see the natural product as a potential force for good, but they also see all the bad things that can and do happen. The company now also focuses on distributing information about kratom’s side effects. Re-leaf LLC hopes to make a meaningful impact on real world naturopathy.

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