Import Directly - 1 Kilo or 1 Ton.

This is an example of how the regions work and where we source from. Our import opportunities are backed by a guarantee of delivery. With our intense sourcing, and our dedication to networking with small batch farmers, of which most of them have been vetted by our company for over 7 years.

Not only do we do the normal work of finding them, but we “press” our small batch Indonesian Vendors. We ask questions over text, and even have them fill out a questionairre. You can find examples below with question we really asked, pictures we really get and research we really do! Find out things like: What area is the harvest from? Was it rainy during harvesting? How old are the trees? How old are the leaves? How do they select the leaves? How do they grind the leaves? And so much more! This is what it takes to fulfill all of your kratom enthusiast’s dreams. We take the risk out of importing by guaranteeing delivery. 

We are ordering directly from Indonesia. As fresh as you can get. We have the shipment sent to us, then we make sure it is quality. We do that the old fashioned way. We have our human testers “inspect it”. If the kratom is kratom, we then send it to your USA address. It is the best way to get small batch kratom without all the regulatory hoops because regulation prevents small batch vendors from operating. We understand their are risks. But that is why we are up front. Some people want tests to show them numbers that make them comfortable. That isn’t what this is. This is the equivalent of being sold something out of a trunk. We are literally the best trunk on the internet and have 7 years of incident free history loaded with 5 star reviews.

Wholesale orders over 50 kilos will get a basic bacterial and fungal test free. But let’s be real, shall we? When you see a test, you are most likely seeing an inaccurate representation of the product. A “hand-picked” 10g sample out of a harvest that could be thousands of kilograms. A lot of times, kratom vendors scam the system. We won’t play those games. This offering is farm to table. If you want to test it, any order can request testing done. We charge $300 for a full panel. Or $100 for just microbial. But, 7 years in, and 1000+ samples down, we haven’t had any incidents during our sourcing. If this isn’t for you, our regular store offerings are thoroughly verified as safe. But, remember that full panel testing isn’t realistic or economically possible for small batches. It is like asking your local farmers market vendors to lab test their chives & tomatoes.

Expect it to take 4-5 weeks. It could be a little faster or a little longer. Refund will be given if product was detained by customs or undelivered within 8 weeks.

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