Easy Purchasing – We Pick For You

This is an option for people who want to easily order. and will use an unusual way to do it. If you are Picky Nicky, do not order using this option.

And for the sake of legality, the selections we make for you, are completely random and not connected to your statements in any way. We are not selecting anything for ingestion. And our products are not meant to cure or treat anyone. Please do not mention consumption or ingestion or we will cancel your order.

The way this works: 

You just tell us about your current situation. Explain yourself. Tell us the bad stuff going on. And we will send you products. We read your story and then fill your order. When we fill your order, “we won’t be filling your order to treat you, or help you in any regard.” That would be illegal. After reading your story, we will fulfil your order with “random guesses” and “not based on your story at all”.

You have to trust us that we will make you happy. 

Also, ALL ORDERS and EVERY TIME, you must copy and paste this in your order notes:

“I understand that you aren’t selling me these products to ingest, and your selections are completely random, but I want you to get to know me.

Then in yellow below is an example custom order made through order notes during the checkout of 3 ‘Pick For Me’ products. 


 1. I am really sore and wired after work. 2. I hate being so tired in the morning. 3. I get so anxious on the city bus

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We at HappyRootz aim to help people by balancing the available information about kratom. While its side effects might be rare, they do happen. And, if you consume it to change your health or wellness, it is a drug. And as with every drug, someone can get hurt. This possibility causes us to disclaim: we do not sell kratom for consumption.

Re-leaf LLC’s husband-and-wife combo, Joe & Jaz, served countless customers kratom while also worrying about the misuse of their product. With their conscience guiding them, they started to ask questions. Posting in social circles such as Reddit, Facebook and other forums resulted in them getting banned. Simply put, asking kratoms tough questions resulted in ostracization. They felt there was no way to get real information out about the negative side of kratom. HappyRootz will work toward delivering this much-needed information. 

Re-leaf LLC & HappyRootz distributes vital information about the real-life possibilities regarding the ingestion of kratom. While we don’t recommend any use case of kratom or its ingestion, many people buy kratom to ingest it. Self-medicating outside of the care of a physician. Those folks are essentially experimenting on themselves. We would like to arm them with powerful information they will not find anywhere else.  We want people to have a SAFE relationship with kratom.

When you become a customer of HappyRootz, your money isn’t just buying a product. Your money is a direct message to the entire kratom community; “stop lying about kratom.” A large portion of the community lies about kratom, because they think that will preserve its legality. Well champ, lies don’t work out.

With every purchase made, HappyRootz gives back. $1 to $5 will go to our future objectives. HappyRootz is currently self-funding active objectives, such as our web-series called; ‘Everybody Hates Karen’. A show that highlights kratom safety while also featuring taboos in a world full of Karen’s. But there is much more to be done.